Late Night Runs

No, not the kind that put you in the bathroom when all you want to do is go to sleep. I'm talking about nighttime excursions to whatever might be open to try to fulfill those late night cravings. Whether it be a drink run for a party or just an insomniac on a mission, they are always fun and rewarding. Places like Taco Bell and Carl's Jr have stores that are open all night long just for people who desire fast food in the wee hours of the morning. Every town also has at least one 24/7 supermarket or gas station for those who are desperate.

I pulled one of these runs the other night, with no particular reason in mind. It was 2 am, and I wanted caffeine, as well as other things. The adventure started off with me realizing that my truck was almost out of gas, then having to try to figure out how to use my card at the pump, since the store was already long closed. After I put some gas in my tank, I headed over to my local Winco, which is always open.

Winco is the cheapo grocery store in my area, and despite having a recently opened Walmart Supercenter right across the street, it is constantly packed during most hours of the day. Also during the day, it gets extremely hot and my truck doesn't have proper air conditioning. With these min mind, nighttime becomes the obvious time to go shopping- or sough I though.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled in was that they were repainting the lines of the parking lot. Most people never are awake to see this miracle, and assume the lines appear there by magic, however that night I was able to see the truth. Moving on to the inside of the store, I was surprised to find it almost as busy as it was during the day- this time with employees. People restocking, cleaning floors, driving forklifts, and generally being pissed that they got stuck on the night shift. So I went in and bought a can of Arizona Sweet Tea, a Monster energy, and of course a package of bacon. I was able to get a random employee's attention for long enough so that they could ring me up, and I was out of there. Mission Success.

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