Meanwhile in...

The world is so full of so many countries. Living in the Unites States will teach you so much about different cultures and social acceptance, as well as the ability to accept people despite their different backgrounds. Let's check out some of these great countries, starting with our neighbors from the north, Canada.
Exciting! However we must not falter, for there are still many different continents to explore. To Australia!
Hey, did you know in Australia, toilets flush the other way around! Um, wow that doesn't seem quite normal at all... Let's try Europe now.
I'm totally booking my flight right now. Where's my passport?
Ha ha ha, I get it. In Soviet Russia, everything you do normally is reversed! However, I'd like to got to a place where I can do things without having my every move closely followed. Let's try Poland, I always enjoy a good Polish Dog, and all that... other stuff that Poland has to offer.
Well...shit. There goes Poland. Oh well, I'm goin' back home...

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