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So what happens if you take a song, then have it performed by somebody other than the people who put it in the spotlight? Impression is the greatest form of flattery, but if you ruin it you're better off not trying. A lot of times covers by nonprofessionals turn out to be a pile of crap that makes the original artists cry. These renditions can range from some garage band trying to play a hit song at a party, or some fangirl mumbling a song from their favorite artist so they can post it on youtube for their fangirl friends. Other times people mix it up and make it better, for instance Alien Ant Farm's cover of Micheal Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," both versions being great, but in the context of different styles. On the other hand, some covers may even put the original to shame...
Cobus is the poster-boy Youtube drum cover, with tons of great videos and even more subscribers. I love drum covers personally, because in the original songs the drummer usually won't go overboard so so they won't overshadow the singer and lead guitar. Covers make the drum part the main focus.

Ignoring the bald guy, this is one of the coolest covers/remixes I've ever heard. I think Robert Miles needs to step up his game a bit.

I love the movie The Fifth Element, especially the scene where this comes from. She definitely has an amazing voice.

Who needs a duet partner when you have an amazing falsetto?

Lady Gaga. Now with an English accent.

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