Summer Animes

So it's been about a week since the summer season of anime started, and most of them have already put out their first episode. Last season, I didn't really pay attention to the list, and I ended up missing a few gems. For instance, I watched K-On!! and Arakawa from the beginning, and was able to catch Working! early, but recently I had to start Heroman, and watch a bunch to catch up. Watching an anime while it's still being released a double edged sword, for one you take up less time than marathoning a full season, but you may feel anxious as to what will happen in the next episode, and end up having to wait until the next week.

Moving back to this season, I planned to watch most of the new releases, excluding the second seasons of ones I hadn't seen yet (Basara, Strike Witches). Let's take a look at the chart to get a visual of these.
Yup, most of those I ended up watching. I went through the list, painstakingly wading through the crap so you don't have to. I'll present my picks for what I think is definitely good and what may go either way.

My Picks:
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (Ookami-san and her seven Friends):
This was the first episode of the season to come out, and it's pretty hilarious, with a good selection of voice actors that you may recognize, as well as some pretty interesting characters.

High School of the Dead:
Think Shaun of the Dead meets Elfen Lied. The one good serious anime of the season. Plenty of gore, violence and fanservice, as well as zombies. Can't wait to see how this will unfold.

Seitokai Yakuindomo:
Another good funny pick. It reminds me of Azumanga Diaoh, but with dirty sex jokes, with a touch of harem. I mean, it's about a guy who joins a school which just changed from being all-girl. Plus it has a trademark midget girl.

This one is also hilarious one with plenty of dirty jokes, with an interesting art style. Through the first episode, they even create an ongoing joke after they name the class hamster "nipples".

Amagami SS:
I've never played the game that it's based off of, so I'll probably have to keep going with this one to see how it works out. Cute characters though (see below).

Nurarihyon no Mago:
This is an anime about demons and supernatural activites, but it's in a chibi, playful style, which ruined it for me. The main character looks pretty cool when he goes into demon mode though. Might keep an eye on this.

Occult Academy:
This looks like it could be entertaining, with an art style that I like. More ghosts and supernatural stuff.

Shi Ki, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Shukufuko no Campanella:
I'm gonna be lazy and clump these into one. Compared to the others, they're nothing special. Maybe they just aren't my type, or the first episode didn't give a very good impression. I'll have to watch more to see if they're worth seeing all the way through. The first two have more of a serious tone, while the other one is more humorous. About ones I missed, forgot about, or have yet to come out, well sorry.

Looks like this guy from Nurarihyon no Mago has a sister in Amagami SS.

As far as the best character this season, it has to be Ookami-San.
With her Neko-Neko Knuckles (Yes, that is their name) of crime fighting, she can beat anybody's butt. She also reminds me ALOT of Taiga from Toradora, with a few feet added on.

The runner up has to be Kaoru Tanamachi from Amagami SS, with that amazing sex-hair.

And because I love music, the best OP's and ED's.
Best Opening Theme: Highschool of the Dead

Runner Up: Ookami-san.

Best Ending Theme: Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Runner up: Amagami SS

At the end of the season, I'll probably make another post about how these turned out. Stay tuned!

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