Trolling and Hating

A lot of people get these two terms confused, especially since they often appear in the same place, and can look the same to the "untrained" eye. I think my friend over at the hater den said it the best-- "Trolling leads to hating, which leads to getting banned..." etc. While this isn't always the pattern, they are often correlated. The truth is, haters are always gonna hate, and trolls are always gonna be trollin. Let's take a look at a good example. Constantly in [a/, the anime board over at 4chan, there are big disputes over what is good anime and what is not. One of the biggest targets of hate and trolling is K-On!! because it's considered "moe" (anime based around cute characters) and quite popular, making it easy troll bait.

Intelligent Hating (Doesn't exist):
I don't like this anime because of the lack of a good story and depth of character design.

Real Hating:
K-On sucks balls go find a real anime.

K-On is for fags who like bad character design and a music anime where they don't even play music.
Response 2: (Troll attracted by the smell of the original troll)
>>Good Anime
Lol wut. This moe shit is taking over good anime go watch good anime.

The people over on 4chan like to call this type of trolling "Your favorite anime sucks" which is usually successful because people on [a/ are very adamant about their animes, and as they pour in trying to defend it, they end up just making fools of themselves. Trolling leads to hating and more trolling, while hating leads to intelligent debate (jk lol, there's no such thing on 4chan) and trolling. People can post trolling to look like hating, but if they are just trying to stir up emotions, it isn't true hating.

My personal favorite is trolling trolls back. One day I came across this post, showing, you guessed it, K-On.

Why does K-On have no panty shots (fan service)?

To which I reply:
Because K-On is good anime that doesn't rely on fan service to be sucesseful.

Oh you silly, silly troll. I personally like K-On but for the sake of trolling, you hate everything. Of course I got the complimentary "K-on is good lol wut" but it was all worth it. Oh well, haters gonna' hate.

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