Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Japanese Name: キョン
Anime: The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

His name is Kyon and he doesn't take shit for anybody. Not even god. He is also possibly the best pervert in all of anime history, being that he never gets caught. All those pics of Mikuru in her maid outfit that Haurhi took? Ya, he has those in his "secret" folder on his hard drive. Despite just sitting there and reading all day, it's apparent that Nagato obviously wants Kyon. The same goes for Haruhi and Mukuru. Hell, even Koizumi wants a piece. He's also pretty much indifferent to everything, including all of Haruhi's crazy schemes. "Kyon-kun, denwa!" I know bitch, I got this. Calm the f**k down.

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  1. Anonymous January 4, 2013 at 2:52 PM
    bad ass charecter of the week he should be bad ass charecter of the year

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