Code Geass AMV

After taking a hell of a long time to download Code Geass, and to go back through and try to remember what episodes contained what, I finally got around to making my newest AMV. Thanks to freddiew and his video tutorial, I figured out I could put it in HD, so be sure to watch it in all of it's 720p goodness.

What bugged me about this was that the first and second seasons used two different aspect ratios- season two was in wide screen, but after all they did come out over a year apart. Some of the scenes fit so well, I didn't have to even edit them much. Despite the technical issues with my computer, this was a pretty fun one to make.

Edit: Youtube decided to block my video because it had content from not one, but two sources. Whatever happened to the good old days where youtube wasn't sold out to corporations and you could post just about anything? Anyways, I uploaded the video here and made a dummy video video on youtube linking to here. Due to the size limit for blogger, it won't be in HD however. Either way, enjoy.

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