It Came from Youtube


I think the main difference between a dickhead hipster and a douche is that hipsters don't really mean it, people just get jealous of how awesome and trendy they are. For that reason, I think I'm going to become one for my last semester of college. I am probably going to Humboldt State up here in Cali after all, which is kind of considered a well.. stoner school. I wouldn't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

While I don't wear leggings, and I actually have really crappy vision, as well as the fact that I do for the most part listen to mainstream music, I think I could pull it off. I mean, I already have a blog and I'm pretty much a nerd for most intents and purposes. All I have to do is go to the local thrift store and let my hair grow out. I guess I could also work on my part French part Brit accent.

Just to round off this post, here's a weird piece of video from Japan.

Pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero.
That is all.

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