This is Why we can't Have Nice Things

I've come to realize that anything you ever attempt to should be done half-assed. This is nice reasoning to slack off, but there is a real reason behind it.  This is because there will always be someone there to come by and fuck it up later. It's just like what happened when you were a kid- there you were, carefully creating your magnificent mound of sand, when suddenly, it gets destroyed. Now if this were by a wave, there would be no helping it. But it wasn't destroyed by a wave. It was him...

It was that neighbor kid who decided to come to the beach the same day as you.  The same kid who "accidentally" spilled juice on you, and pulled your hair.  Everything is ruined, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Don't even think about trying to help people.  As soon as they have a stepping stone up to your level, they will use it to reach for the following one above, to abuse a power they have no business using.  You get too close to the sun and you get a really, really bad sun burn, and they don't have any aloe vera this time.  Once again, everything you ever knew and loved is ruined, and even though you are the real cause, you can blame the other guys.  At that point, you can just stick it back in their face, and leave them to sulk for the rest of time for their complete ruination of everything- this is why we can't have nice things.

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