It Came From YouTube Home Video Editon

Tonight's "It Came From YouTube" is something special, since it just so happens that the videos I have in store were all filmed and uploaded by a friend.

Since it’s now vacation and I can stay up late and post almost every night, I thought I would do something on late night stuff for whatever reason. Actually, there is a reason. I posted this video earlier this week on the sleep deprivation post, but I hadn’t watched it the longest time, and even avoided watching it before I added it there, but I got bored so I ended up watching it, and I think I need to make some commentary on it.

Part two as well, for the people who want to see us finish the monstrosity.

First off, I'm gonna brag and say I’m pretty impressed at how well I make wisecracks even after much sleep deprivation. And I don’t remember me saying any of them. I don’t know if this is because it was just so long ago, or if it was because it was 5 am. But I want to point out a few ones.

“Look, great recipe ideas”
“I don’t think eating it raw counts as a great recipe idea”
Seriously. Don't try it.

“Sal, you’re a beast.”
Seriously, he is. If you were there, you could have seen these massive spoon-fulls of mayo this guy was taking.

“A lot of things change their identities when it’s 5 in the morning”
This is partially incredible philosophy, partially me losing it.

“4chan here we come.”
Well, it ended up here, so it’s close enough.

“This is what we do when we’re not eating mayonnaise.”
This doesn’t need a lot of explaining outside of the game. My friend actually held the time record for beating Ratchet and Clank 2 for a while. That’s originally what the party was for…

For the record, I didn’t hurl, it laughed really hard because of the slurping sound, and ended up spraying mayo mist into my hand. I rushed to the bathroom to rinse off.

Our cameraman was pretty shy, and too afraid to eat any. But he got his own video too, aka the pop tart video which everyone keeps referencing.

But of course, that’s not the only reference. They tried to shove me into the garage with a broom at the end of the whole thing, but failed. Earlier, however, it was successful.

Those Cheetos were stale, and the garage was cold and dark...

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