4chan Friday

It's Christmas tomorrow, so as a Christmas present to you all, I will write a post with completely accurate information and absolutely no sarcasm. Haha, just kidding, screw that.

Instead of doing a specific forum tonight, I thought I would look at what some of them are doing for Christmas.

/a/ has been preparing for a while now... like since last year.

Yes, almost every time I got on /a/, I came across this on one page or another. Well guess what bitches, it's Christmas, so it's time to get something new. And don't say until Christmas 2011.

/co/, or Comics and Cartoons, pulled out pretty much every cartoon Christmas special ever. Nostalgia, man. Then there was a bunch of "where was this when I was a kid."
Seriously man, Christmas with Kiss
I hopped on /ck/ to see if there were any good recipes going on, but what I found was a bunch of poor people living alone making frozen pizzas and canned beans for themselves.  I'm not sure whether to feel ashamed or proud.

International /int/ actually had a good thread listing different ways to say Merry Christmas (or something similar) in various languages.  In Japanese it listed "Shinnen Omedeto" which actually means happy new year.  As a fun fact, in Japan, Christmas is more of a casual holiday for parties and friends, and New Year's is a family occasion- it's just the opposite here in the states.

To round out my night (like I usually do) I headed over to /b/, which had it's own set of Christmas hats, accompanied by a really horrible song playing in the background.  I thought of going through and looking for other small hints of Christmas like this, but once I opened another tab and the song started playing on that one as well, over and over off sync, I kind of gave up.

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  1. Tango Anglo December 25, 2010 at 11:51 AM
    Hmmm, never heard of this site. Might check it out
  2. Mr Bouchard December 26, 2010 at 10:18 PM
    Haha, wanted to go check out /b/ on Christmas but I didn't have internet for four days! blehh

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