Every once in a while, I like to give myself a nice bowel cleaning in a bout of pants-shattingly scariness. In the most recent case, that source of scariness would be a game called Amnesia the Dark Decent.

First off, imagine yourself in a big mansion, in the middle of the night. Just from the setting, you already know you're screwed. Next, add in some creepy noises, flickering lights, and oh ya, the fact that you character is slowly going insane, and that the surroundings like to play off of it.

Seems safe enough.

Despite the fact that the room randomly turns sideways, jelly oozes out of the walls, and among the scary noises there are footsteps that may or may not be yours, you are able to complete a few puzzles. Then suddenly, you see something go past the doorway. Hello? Is someone there?

You brush it off, pretending (and hoping) it was just your imagination, but a few passageways later, you open the door and OMFG WHAT IS THAT THING AND WHERE IS ITS FACE RUN RUN RUN OH GOD TURN OUT THE LANTERN GET AWAY I CAN HEAR IT BREATHING LOUDLY AHHHHH.
I thought about playing it in the middle of the night with the lights off, but I figured I would probably wake up my mom because of my screaming. I even just jumped right now writing this because my house creaked. I think that give you a good picture of my constitution.  Anyways, this is pretty scary.  But try it anyways.

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