It Came from Youtube

The wost part about Christmas and Thanksgiving is the leftovers. I don’t really like Turkey in the first place, but three days later when it’s dry and tasteless from being reheated over and over, you kind of just wish that you would throw it out already. But at least it’s still better than tofurkey. Yes, a tofu turkey. One of the many reasons I will never be a vegan.

If you thought eating a freaking jar of mayonnaise was disgusting this should have made you keel over. Just the thought of not eating meat makes me feel weak in the legs (mostly from the lack of protein) but if you base a whole lifestyle around it, and then take that lifestyle and jam it into a baking dish with pure soy filled evil, I would feel like rushing out into the nearest pasture and mauling alive the closest animal I could find.

But don't worry, the meat crowd pretty much and did that for us, built something out of it, then recorded the results.

Hey, they have potatoes in there. Potatoes are a vegetable, right? I think Whiskey is made out of some sort of grain as well. Pretty balanced meal I would say. I think I should make a tag for my posts now that includes 'meat'...

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  1. Tango Anglo December 28, 2010 at 3:37 PM
    Ick, tofu should never be placed grammatically next to actual food. It's like false advertising.

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