The Internet Versus Reality

I tend to classify myself as a “normal person” for the most part. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but telling myself so helps keep my sanity. From other people's points of view, I guess I could be considered weird- not everybody watches anime, plays video games, or sits on the internet for gross amount of hours at a time. Even less people actually write a blog about it...

Telling people about my blog is potentially dangerous. Generally the safest thing to say when they ask about 'The Troll Cave' is that it's about “Internet Culture.” But if they ask for a link, it's kind of inevitable that they will know my deep secret; I'm a nerd (deal with it).

On the internet, you can really get away with anything and not care about what people think. Nobody cares that you're a nerd, because most likely, they are too. Anyone can go off spouting profanity and trolling everywhere, because as long as they don't know where you live, they will never be able to find you and do the horrible things to your mother as they promised. However, if I go around in real life saying stuff like “Ya, well fuck you!” I would probably end up getting some funny looks, or end up in a dumpster dead somewhere.

I tend to stay away from Facebook for various reasons. Sure those “cool people” from high school probably could care less about me, especially now, but if they unfriended me for posting weird shit, how would I go about stalking them and viewing their pictures? That's the only reason I allowed them to add me in the first place. (For anyone who actually is my friend on FB, I'm not a creeper, I swear.)

My Japanese class is kind of a safe haven; just because the fact that it is a Japanese class at a community college. Everyone has some nerd genes in them, or else they wouldn't be taking it. Seriously, you wouldn't need to learn Japanese if you didn't watch at least some anime or read manga. It's just to how deep these genes run- sometimes it can be surprising. 

I guess it could be worse. Normal people could recognize me for who I actually am. Until someone actually get to know me and gets inside my head (like the government does) I will still seem approachable. But that's why I keep most people at an arm's reach, especially when Facebook is involved.

It's like my girlfriend says (yes, I have a girlfriend, fuckin' miracles man) “I've never met another person like you. They must not get out much.”  Thus is the story of my life.

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