Fanime Con 2011!

Well while Erika was doing dirty things with the Troll Cave (thanks, by the way!) I was down at an Anime convention. I know, I’m so cool. Well, I'm back and my brain pretty much functions on on only anime now.

The trip started out with me and a friend on a 5 hour car trip down to San Jose California. It was made slightly worse by blasting Anime Music, and playing tricks on each other while driving.

"Wake up, we're almost to the border. San Jose is in Mexico, right?"

After many hours of “Uhwa uwaha” we made it to our hotel. However, there would be no rest for us- we had to go to the convention. After about an hour, we finally made it to the convention center (I say finally because we could have gotten there a lot faster it it weren’t for bad directions and getting the even worse idea to follow some idiots around.) However, as we reached the outside, I gazed upon the crowds, and was only able to say one thing: “I am home.”

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Me and my friend didn’t dress up the first day, which made us the ones feeling out of place. But I can assure you some people felt this way too, despite dressing up.
"This isn't the convention you're looking for."
Some were more out of place than others:
What is this place?  What are these strange shapes?  What the hell is a sphere?
I'm sure he felt better after finding a friend to keep him company.
But there were plenty of highlights other than seeing Minecraft Steve being chased around by a creeper.  I think I rememeber them all.

1. Realizing that not all anime watchers are fat ugly guys like me:
He was a little short, but those abs were 100% real.
Hot girls watch anime too:
My friend (dressed as Kyon) getting his tie pulled by a bunnygirl Haruhi.  Don't worry, his bored expression is part of the act.
On the other hand, there are some girls that shouldn't be wearing revealing anime girl outfits either (surprisingly I didn't get any pics of them).  The same goes for guys as well though:
Some One Piece character.  Don't know the name.

2. Having people notice my cosplay. I worked hard on that bitch, so having people stop me and ask for a picture is pretty bamf. I even got identified twice as I walked into the hall. Of course, nobody knew the character’s name (Itoshiki Nozomu; it only really gets said once) but people still called out for “Zetsubou Sensei” (Mr. Despair, which actually fits and sounds better).
I told you I would get a pic of the finished product.

This ma be just the hipster in me talking, but it was nice not seeing anyone else dressed up as me.  It's not really even an obscure anime or a hard costume to make, but it gets overlooked.   Anyone can be a Narutard and wear the fluorescent orange jumpsuit, but nobody will ever take a picture of you unless you turn into the giant fox or whatever. There is only one Zetsuboushita though.

3.  When the Christian bible-thumper folks came out to protest us being furries, exposing our bodies, and worshiping the devil that is anime, I stared god in the face and said "oh you!"  They were of course greeted with plenty of "cool story bro" and so on.  We even sacrificed a Narutard and were able to get the Jesus cosplayer to come out and tell them off.

4.  Staying at the convention until 4a.m. watching bad anime (Index season 2) then making fun of it with the others in the viewing room.  Along with that, me and my two friends were the only three guys in the viewing of a Shojou anime (Kimi ni Todoke).  Sparkles and bubbles, girls squealing, you know the deal.

5.  My favorite hilight was Flow.  What is Flow you ask?  No, it wasn't that time of the month.  Flow is one of my favorite J-Pop bands ever- doing openings for animes like Naruto, Eureka 7, and Code Geass.  And I got to see them live, along with Yuya Matsushita, another great singer who did songs for Black Butler and Durarara.  I bet you guys are jealous. (It was amazing by the way.)

I learned a lot of stuff here.  Such as, the bigger and more intricate your costume is, the more you are stopped to get pictures taken of.
They were stuck there for a while...

But sometimes simple is good- which made for a lot of cool pictures.

Not a costume, but it deserved a spot.
Freddy, Chromarti High School

Klan Klan, Macross Frontier
Suiseiseki/Souseiseki, (Boku/Desu) Rozen Maiden
Dragon Ball Group
Eureka, Eureka 7
I wish I could post more of the awesome costumes, but I'm sure my Isp would think I'm running some sort of weird pornography site.  Also, I didn't get as many as I would have liked, because I'm a terrible photographer:
Introducing: my foot.
And that's it for now! If people are interested, I will get more pictures up tomorrow!

5 Response to "Fanime Con 2011!"

  1. Dejch May 31, 2011 at 1:48 AM
    looks like zou had a lot of fun
  2. Erika May 31, 2011 at 7:27 AM
    Wow... some of those costumes are awesome!

    Looks like you had a great time =]

    Your foot is hot btw. Can I lick it?? I'll let you keep on your costume??
  3. Trelin May 31, 2011 at 11:47 AM
    So how many hot (or not) cosplay girls did you get it on with? That's the point of an anime con, right?
  4. Anonymous June 14, 2011 at 12:28 PM
    :( Index Season 2 isn't bad, it just focused way more on Fan Service than what was needed for Index!

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