Shutup and sit down, because I’m here to tell you about Desu. Desu you say? Isn’t that like that word you can add to like any sentence in Japanese and still make it work?

NO. First, off, the “u” is normally silent. Unless you have two differently colored eyes, or you can get away with being extremely cute, you better fucking pronounce it right. It means “is” or “am” or “are,” basically any form of the verb “to be” in English. That’s right, you don’t need to conjugate verbs in Japanese, it’s pretty much the shit.

If you talk like a lolcat normally, it means you can't conjugate, and in your own language no less. In other words, you are either a retard or just plain lazy. If you are the latter, Japanese is the language for you. If you don’t know the difference between “former” and “latter," you fall under the first option.

Verbs always come at the end of a sentence, and because Japanese is a pro-drop language, you don’t always need it for people to understand.  Adding desu at the end of a phrase isn’t just because they want to be “cute,”  they are being polite, or at least trying to feign it  Other times, some characters can get away with just adding it anywhere, depending on their level of moé-ness.

Then there's Suiseieki, who just abuses the hell out of it.  I'm sorry, but after any amount of time speaking Japanese, you should learn that you can't just add random words onto the end of a sentence.  Or even worse, use them on their own as an exclamation...

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