The Troll Diaries

I've seen plenty of trolling in my day, in places you wouldn't even expect. Now I bring my findings to you.

Since I don't have TV, Yahoo news is pretty much the only news I see when logging onto my mail in the morning. It has the bland stuff that you would expect from Yahoo, but every once in a while, they have a semi decent article, like this. The surprising part though, is that the seemingly mild-mannered Yahoo users are actually clever trolls.

How about making coffee?
Sorry buddy, someone though of that.
I put coffee grounds in it and let hot water flow from the top through the coffee grinds and the filter. It makes a great cup of coffee.
Wow, who knew you could do that with a coffee filter? Of course, people want to throw in more nonstandard uses.
When you run out of toilet paper you can...
And I'll stop it there.

And now for some fun of my own, thanks to this thread on 4chan:
1) Pick a random picture from your /a/ folder
2) Erase the nose on your character
3) Post the results
Initiating MS Paint in 3..2..
What they want...

I can haz fotoshop?  Or how bout Oban Star Racers?  No noses to be found.

Well that was easy...

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