Anime Cutie of the Week

Let's face it. Girls in anime are made to look cute, with their big eyes, brightly colored hair, and funny facial expressions. However, there will always be a certaint few that will make you "d'aww" especially loud...

Misao Kusukabe (日下部 みさお)
Anime: Lucky Star

Misao is one of the side characters in Lucky Star, but one of my favorites.  You know why?  She has a fang.  I am a huge sucker for fangs.  If you could see inside my brain, you would already know this, but you can't; and for that reason this blog exists.

How would it feel to get glomped by Misao you ask? I wouldn't know, but you can ask Kagami. Even though she doesn't show it, Hiiragi "raabus" you too.

Anything she does, she does in a cute way. With her, eating usually involves big bites, loud (but cute) sounds of nomming, and squeals of joy (or in the case of dropping a meatball, disappointment.) Hell, basically any sound that comes out of her mouth is cute.

My personal Favorites: VA! and the bottom right.

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