Best of Youtube: Yaranaika?

Yaranaika is a Japanese phrase meaning "Shall we do it?" As your mind starts to wander to dirty things, I can say that those thoughts are justified. Abe Takakazu is a character in a homosexual manga, in which he sits on a bench in a park, and when another male character passes by, he unzips his jumpsuit, revealing his... well you know. At that point, he utters this now famous phrase. I'm not a homophobic, I even have friends who are gay. But the spoofs of this character are just too hilarious. I apologize in advance if you are offended.

Here's the cast of the manga enjoying a day in the park playing baseball. Try not laughing at 1:18.

I present you G-On, or "Geion," as it reads in Japanese. I really can't think of way to turn this into more of a joke than it already is.

Abe's solo debut. Almost as cute as Ranka (see last week's anime cutie).

Ever other anime character has their own Caramelldansen. Youtube doesn't discriminate based on sexual preference.

I really can't bring myself to embed this. This is possibly one of the most graphic and gay things I have seen on youtube. Watch at your own discretion.

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