Best of Youtube: The Worst

So everything that gets uploaded to Youtube isn't always good. Statistically, with over 140 million videos on Youtube today, the chances that you get crap is pretty high. But hey, everybody loves to laugh at bad movies-- they're so bad that they're actually good. No, that is not a double negative.

If this is the future, please let me die before people start saying things in reverse. I prefer talking with proper word order.

I know everyone loved Yaranaika! so much, so here's another video featuring Abe and one of his friends chasing after Kagamin Ren

I'm not sure I can look at Caramelldansen the same way again...

What says "I am teh osm karate masta" better than the Mortal Kombat theme? Nothing, I suppose, besides actually displaying actual skill. I'm pretty sure the second guy is trying to beat up a sex-doll.

Awful accents, racial stereotypes, and terrible puns? It totally puts me in the mood for buying used cars that will probably end up being lemons.

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