Anime Cutie of the Week

Let's face it. Girls in anime are made to look cute, with their big eyes, brightly colored hair, and funny facial expressions. However, there will always be a certaint few that will make you "d'aww" especially loud...

Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 律)
Anime: K-On!

K-On! is the essential "cute girls doing cute things" anime.  Originally, to decision between the five members was difficult- they all have great qualities, such as Tsumugi's eyebrows, Mio's shyness, or Azusa's cat-like cuteness (Yui is meh).  However, I finnaly had to decide on Ritsu.

Why?  Ritsu is a total bro.  She's the creator of the band, the club president, and the drummer.  She is also completely hyperactive and random.  She reminds me of a female version of one of my friends, someone who it would be fun to just hang around with.

Also, there's her hair.  Normally, she wears her hair back with a headband, but when she takes it off, it reveals her very long and very cute bangs.  Some amazing person decided to edit various scenes from the anime to show her with her hair down.  Whoever this man is, he earns multiple internet cookies.

For your enjoyment, here's a video of Ritsu being cute for a minute and a half, with her hair both up and down for, uh, comparison.  Ignore the cat-Mio int he background.

When she starts to blush, be prepared to hngggggg.

For the second season, I'm pretty sure they spent a large chunk of their animation budget strictly on Ritsu, which I really don't mind at all.

Just look at those eyes!

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