Do You Like Drugs?

I don't, thank god. But I love listening to music that makes me feel like I do. Yup, I'm talking about techno music.

To be fair, B-Complex and Mt. Eden are actually classified as "Drum and Beat." Most people would just call anything with an electronic feel as "techno," but that is because they are UNEDUCATED SIMPLETONS. If you think about the term, drum and beat, though, it makes sense. It basically includes a drum line, with lots of bass drum, as well as a various beats repeating at different times to make a melody.

The second song is an entire compilation, about an hour long, but it is awesome. Deadmau5 is something I've recently discovered, but I love already. doesn't have a big selection of either B-Complex or Deadmau5 though, so you can check them out on Youtube.

The last song was just an awesome remix I found while putting together this playlist, and I though I would share it with you.

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