The Capcha

A capcha was recently implemented over at 4chan, which was a quick fix to get rid of the tons of spam. Moot has posted that he is not a fan of the capcha, however it seemed like the only way, and so far it has worked out great. However, it spawned a new activity across the boards, trying to find the most wierd-ass capcha. The spammers are shut down, and 4channers are engrossed in a new activity. After my travels through the boards, I was able to save a few for myself.

That's a lot of pancakes.

I think this is trying to tell me something. Who is the encoder? Is he the one who makes these? Is this like the Matrix?

Um, what? Can I even use an exponent?

Ever have that dream where you're taking a test you haven't studied for?

Ok now you're just screwing with me.

Oh god, just give me actual letters.

Russian?? Really? That's the last straw.

Yes. I've outrage. Very outrage. Tell "the encoder" to get the keyboard back from his dog.

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