Bad-Ass Anime Character of the Week

Has there ever been that one character that you saw, then thought to yourself, "that guy's a bad-ass"? No matter what situation he gets in, what enemies he faces, or what happens to their friends or their selves, they continues to fight on. This is their tribute.

Light Yagami (夜神 月)
Anime: Death Note

Light is one the smartest and most well planned out characters to ever hit anime. While he is the main character, what really makes him stand out is the fact that he is also the main antagonist.

He discovers this book one day, (written in English of course, which he can read like a BAMF) which says he can kill anyone just by writing their name in it.  Instead of bringing it to the police like a non-bad ass person, he tries it out, and soon becomes the bringer of divine justice, Kira.

Except for this.
When he faces L, a mysterious detective with intelligence on par with his own, he doesn't cower in fear.  He just develops multiple back-up plans for every single possible turn of events.

For the next part of the anime, he is forced to play mind games with L, the police, his own family, and eventually with himself, all to keep himself out of the realm of suspicion.  He even forces himself to lose his memory so he can fight himself, to then later regain it again and get rid of L forever.  He is Light Yagami, he takes potatoe chips, and he eats them!

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