Walk Into

You can walk into just about anywhere (except Mordor, or if you're handicapped in some way. I mean no offense if you do happen to be handicapped.) But what if you walk into a familiar place and see something... unfamiliar. What do you do?

This is a question that haunts 4chan to great extents. It seems they are so ill prepared to experience something new, or perhaps the fact of leaving their basements and seeing something that they don't recognize, for instance, a woman, is terrifying. But never fear, I am here to answer this the best way I can, with sarcasm.

One of the favorites is 'You walk into Walmart..." Well let me tell you something about Walmart. You're assuming a lot, thinking people would actually walk into these places. Walking is for people who can get cheap healthcare to fix their crippling disabilities.

If I was a bona fide American like this lady, I would be riding one of those electric scooters, because obesity is obviously a disability. After that, I really wouldn't be phased
by anything that you might come across in Walmart. It is Walmart, after all...

(Sorry for the late post, blogger was down last night)

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  1. Erika May 12, 2011 at 10:54 AM
    I am so envious of that lady. On so many levels.

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