It Came from Youtube

One day the machines will rule us all. Unless instead of John Connor, these machines are built by crazy Japanese people who make them to just fall down, or even turn themselves off.

Get out of there you, you'll never be the great oppressors of mankind if you're constantly hiding in that box with nothing but a bad atitude and a pouty face. (´・ω・`) Especially if you fight amongst yourselves.

I think instead of robots, ponies will take over the world. So far they've made their way onto youtube and 4chan, which means that's the internet is already long gone.

This was actually done by one of my friends (who still won't do a guest post for me), but you can still check out his Youtube channel here. As you can see, the ponies have even reached me. As my friend says, "Don't judge me, I can't get enough of this pony shit."

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