So it seems that I've yet again stayed up until 3 in the morning playing Minecraft.  However, all is well, because I have finals in the morning!  Oh wait...

Actually my finals consist of waking up at noon, going to the store to buy sugary crap, then going to a party because my teacher gave us the test last week. 

But since I do have a real final for my Environmental Science on Wednesday, I figured I would go do some studying. (JK, refer to above picture).  Environmental science is fun as long as I don't have to be a part of it.  If someone poisons the water table in a forest, and no one is around to make a law against it, will the children of the next generation still have birth defects?  You bet they will, those little 3 nostriled-freaks.  But if people really want it bad enough, they will keep the amounts of pollution below Earth threatening levels. (On a semi-related note, my car passed smog!  Yay!)

But you know what's worse than terrible respiratory diseases?  Having to read the book which tells you what you can do to prevent them (and other boring stuff.).  Which is why common sense and guessing work so well.  Those bubbles don't get filled in with right answers by themselves...

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  1. Zombie May 23, 2011 at 6:10 AM
    I should probably start studying for my finals...
  2. Erika May 23, 2011 at 7:49 AM
    Good luck with your finals!! Sounds like you've worked hard! XD

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