Re: The Rapture

"When the Troll Man gets a job, the rapture will come."

Well seeing as how I'm now a proud worker for Cinemark, it seems that I have to take back all the comments I made in my last post, because the rapture is in fact upon us.  Like Erika said, >my face when the rapture happens.  And this just happens to be my face: ლ(휴益휴ლ)

I was one of those people who said I would never get a job. "I'll make a blog, make money off advertising."  I said.  "No one reads my shitty blog, so I'll make money by selling my blood and semen." I said.  "It turns out nobody wants my semen and I most likely have AIDS so I can't donate blood either." I said.  I said a lot of things, but it turns out that actually doing stuff actually helps a lot more than talking about it (having a friend who works at the place you're tying to get hired at helps too). So I did away with the regular schedule of wake up at noon-fap-play Minecraft until 3a.m.-go to sleep and decided to actually do something about it. And that was to get my friend to drive me down to the theater and apply.

Somehow the stars aligned for me this day (probably creating a giant orbital death ray for everyone else) and allowed me to get hired. And thus crazy shit happened. It probably went something like this:


And that was my day.

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  1. Erika May 22, 2011 at 1:05 AM
    I want your semen!! =0

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