This Just In!

It seems that something amazing has happened!  American forces have found and captured Saddam Hussein!  On top of that, the Berlin Wall has come down, the slaves were freed, America became separate from Britain, and it seems that the dinosaurs have, in fact, gone extinct.  Yes, this is all very pressing.  No, I don't have cable, why do you ask?

If it weren't for the limited amount of internet news spam that I see when signing into my E-mail, I would probably never know there is an outside world.  I may know when a game update comes, but when some major world incedent happens, I am pretty much in the dark. 

I also never see any move trailers anymore, which is made worse by the fact that my friend works in a movie theater.  Whenever someone askes me if I'm going to see a movie, I have to figure out which answer is in my best interest to make off the name.

"PPA just came out today, what the heck?"   "Huh... oh ya, I want to see that!"  "What, you want to see Prancing Pony Adventure?"  "Uh..."

But then of course I can say that I was just trolling them.

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  1. Erika May 2, 2011 at 9:35 AM
    Yay! Saddam Hussein is dead! Finally!!!

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