999 Words

A picture can say a thousand words.  But posting pictures is for lazy people, so I write a thousand words to say those thousand words.  People would probably never read all that though.  That's why one-liners are so good, so you can remember them easier and repeat them ad-nauseum to your friends until they are ready to put duct-tape over your mouth.

So in interest of making this blog even more like a double dose of cocaine, I thought up some good sayings that you could use to (badly) describe this blog.

The Troll Cave: Nothing is safe.
The Troll Cave: Nuke it from orbit.
The Troll Cave: Because no one else will.
The Troll Cave: I'm 12 and where am I?
The Troll Cave: Ha ha, I actually AM using the internets!
The Troll Cave: Pretty much against all religions.
The Troll Cave: Oops, did I do that?
The Troll Cave: Always the whole thing.
The Troll Cave: Taking over the internet one lol at a time.

And a couple that are probably too long to be a one-liners, but what the hell.
The Troll Cave: They said I could become anything I wanted, so I became the internet.
The Troll Cave:The only blog that wears socks with sandals.

As a bonus, if you guys like one of these in particular, it will become part of the banner!  Fell free to put your own in the comment section, as well.

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  1. Mr Bouchard April 10, 2011 at 10:48 AM
    Haha, that was pretty funny to read.

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