Stand back everyone, as I am about to do science!

Science, apart from disproving religion, is responsible for finding out a majority of the world’s weird shit. For instance, the fact that a pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

I wonder how people find these things out. They can't just think to themselves one day "This bacon is so good, it's like an orgasm in my mouth! That makes me wonder how long a pig's orgasm lasts!"
via The Oatmeal
Sure, you could just watch a pig run around in ecstasy for a half an hour, but the scientific community would probably never take that as refutable evidence (Refutable Data contained on the Troll Cave= 0). So what did they do? Did they jerk of a pig in a controlled environment then watch it run around in ecstasy for a half hour? But then how are you sure that it's actually having an orgasm and not just being really worked up about being touched weirdly by scientists? [Their hands are cold].

I'm pretty sure they would actually have to stick more cold electrodes to a flailing pig strapped to a table, then take reading of it's brain waves.  Which makes me wonder more as to how they know what an orgasm looks like on a brain scan.  Where do I sign up to be able to jerk off inside an MRI while people in white lab coats look at my brain waves?  Oh wait, that sounds more like a bad mix between a porno and a horror movie...

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