As I finish up my last semester of schooling here before I go off to a four year college, I have realized one thing about community college:  It's just like an anime.

Nobody takes a community college seriously.  It's like I'm living in my own little slice of life comedy, minus the comedy part.  And probably a smaller slice since I'm here in the cave most of the time anyways.  But there are some connections made nevertheless:

Sometimes the teachers are younger than the students. 

No, unlike Pani Poni Dash, we don't have any 10-year-old geniuses who graduated MIT teaching us.  It's almost the opposite, with the teachers professors having only a degree just above what we would be getting once we complete the class.  Why am I not the one teaching this class?  On top of that, there's always the old geezers trying to take a class for the "fun of it," then asking questions well into the passing period.

There are also those "people."  You know those people.  Those people that fall into their own group.  Usually, this group includes themselves only.  In anime, they're usually the main character, usually not in class because they are out engaged in card battles l or something.  Or they could be the character that runs around and randomly bursts into song.  In anime, these people are normal.  In Community College, these are "those people."

In the cafeteria during lunch, I can already pick out these people easily, especially since they always sit at the same tables permanently marked by the greasy stains from their Magic cards. The Micheal Jackson kid sings very loud, and is really not hard to miss either.  Also, we can't forget about the pokemanz.
Class?  What class?  Nobody goes to class.  Mostly because community college is just a repeat of high school, except that your parents won't get a call when you do skip.  Anime characters of course have things like fighting evil to do, so they really can't come to class either.  Either that, or they're in the back corner having a plot-progressing monologue.  Plot?  I just want to play Minecraft on my laptop.

2 Response to "Daigaku"

  1. Erika April 24, 2011 at 2:46 AM
    Oh Dave.... you and your silly ways..... You're starting to see anime in everything! ^_^
  2. Zombie April 24, 2011 at 9:26 AM
    If only real life was like the animes, everything would be more colorful and wars would be fought with samurai and giant robots...

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