Breakfast of Champions

Power. Energy. Sugar and Caffiene Buzz.
Which one of these do not belong?

You can probably tell by the Epic Drink Time I did that I like energy drinks, but there's limits. One of these limits is noon.  A Monster plus whatever else you can get out of a vending machine does not equal a good breakfast.  Especially right before weight training.  I'm no expert on nutrition (or even weight training) but I can figure out when I'm about to collapse while running on the treadmill.  And not just because I'm a lazy fat-ass who is allergic to working out.

I normally skip my morning shower before going to weight training, because I'm going to get sweaty and have to take one after anyways.  So why not wait until after to eat as well?  Sure, it's only been 10 hours since my last meal, who cares about metabolism anyways?

"My arms felt tired there for a second.  I'll just take a break and re-energize with this 16 serving bull sweat concoction complete with glucose, fructose, sucrose, and all the other 'oses' you can jam into 16 servings!"  I'm sorry, but that doesn't work.  The increased heart rate from jogging on the treadmill combined with the increased heart rate from your caffeine IV will probably kill you.  Combined with something like a doughnut and having your heart trying to pump the globs of fat through your swollen veins is probably bad.  But Like I said, just a regular old non-expert here.

Large piece of fried dough> cardiac muscles.
So I guess if you're not headed to a workout, Doritos and a Rockstar will cut it.  At least if you want to stay awake for that class then crash later.

2 Response to "Breakfast of Champions"

  1. Alphalpha April 28, 2011 at 3:51 AM
    Ha, I think you're right that that isn't a safe breakfast for weight training.
  2. Zombie April 28, 2011 at 6:33 AM
    Donuts are the breakfast of the gods! lol.

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