Going Green

If you just tuned in, you're probably saying something like, "Holy crap, what the shit?! I'm 12 and what is this?" No, this is not a continuation of the April Fools joke.

This is the whole new look of The Troll Cave. I've decided to lighten it up a bit, and make it easier to read and look at. And now it's green to match the Real Troll Face. So far I'm liking it. Though I will probably change the background image to something that looks a little less like it was done in paint (actually, paint.net).

After derping around with the coding for about 2 hours today, as well as much trial and error, I finally got it to look how I like, which taught me something. The Troll Man cannot do HTML. I can, however, do stuff like change pixels around and upload different backgrounds to make it look somewhat original. If there's anyone out there who can actually do stuff like this and wants to help out, feel free to drop me a message!

2 Response to "Going Green"

  1. Mr Bouchard April 4, 2011 at 12:48 AM
    It looks pretty good so far but once you'll have a banner to fit the template, it's gonna be perfect! Good job.

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