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It's that time again!  The spring 2011 animes are out, and it's my turn to take a steamy dump on all the hype, or lack thereof..

This season we actually have pretty a good distribution.  We have the trademark loli anime, the shojo anime, and to top it off, a gag anime with moeblobs.

Oretachi na Tsubasa wa Nai:  By the description, I thought this was going to be another Clannad (which I loved)  but after the opening sequence involved panty shots, I kind of just closed it.

Gintama: Oh boy, a continuation of an already long series... I will probably never finish this in my life.

Stein's Gate: If you took Death Note and  Welcome to the NHK and mashed them together, it would make Stein's Gate.  It's pretty goofy, but there's an air of mystery behind it.  I like it.

Hanasaku Iroha- This is the shojou type one, but still has a good enough story so that guys won't feel weird watching it.  Plus one of the characters is voiced by Omigawa Chiaki, one of my favorite female seiyuu.

Nichijou- I love this one already.  It's like watching Azumanga Daioh all over again, except that they have guns.  And it's adorable.

Um so yeah, everything else, I'm too lazy to write about, nor will I probably watch.  But that's what synopsis are for...

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  1. jettom May 14, 2011 at 10:53 AM
    I'd recommend watching Moshidora to be honest, while the picture of it and the overall plot seems to be all: "Watch this girl running around getting an entire baseball team inlove with her by showing her pantsu at every possible occasion" it's not a fan service anime or a romance anime at all. It focuses mainly on the plot with well thought of characters and leaves you with a message.

    Best part is: No overly done fan service, heck, the only fan service in the anime would be when the main character jumps/slams a ball with her bat and exposes her belly.

    It's really a great anime.

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