It Came from Youtube

This week's "it came from youtube" was a bit hard this week, because about 80% of my Youtube history is minecraft videos.  I should really stop doing that.  But thanks to fellow bloggers, as well as my random friends on Skype, I have been able to dig up some good videos.  I think.

I am not responsible for any fingerprints on your screen, nor any ocd-related feelings of needing to wash your hands multiple times.

This one is just awesome for the sake of being awesome.

Freaking awesome, Japan.

Fear not, I will be making a video of my own Minecraft map soon, so you can finally see what I've been wasting my time on!

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  1. Mr Bouchard April 5, 2011 at 6:09 PM
    Hahaha, the first one was amazing and the second one is japanese so I knew it would be somewhat amazing like this! I mean.. hundreds of bad looking power rangers!

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