4chan Friday

Last week's 4chan Friday sadly got taken over by Justin Bieber, another reason to dislike him.  However do not fear, for it is back!

This week on 4chan Friday, I'm doing two board that involve two things that I will be doing soon:  /trv/ and /cgl/

/cgl/ stands for Cosplay & EGL.  I actually don't know what EGL stands for, but for you normal non-anime watching people out there, cosplay is dressing up like a character from an anime.  Which might seem kind of weird, especially if you're doing it just to go out shopping or something.

Or if you do this
But I'm not that into making a fool of myself (at least in real life, in a fairly small town).  No, I'm going to Fanime con, at the end of May.  It's still kind of far away, so my cosplay isn't quite ready, but I will update as it comes closer.  Speaking of being far away...

/trv/ is the Travel Board.  The anime convention is in San Jose California, about a 5 hour drive.  Which means me and at least one other friend on a long road trip to an anime convention with Jpop and other anime music blaring the whole way.

It's funny that Travel has its own board.  Some people consider the trip half of the fun, but I actually consider it more about 67% of the fun.  The other however much percent involves being able to go around in a strange city, trying not to get lost and/or killed, preferably dressed up as a random androgynous looking anime character.   San Jose here we come!

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