Rulers of the Internet

Ok, so here we have "The Internets".

It's pretty much the biggest freaking thing on the planet. Bigger than whales, bigger than a big gulp (you know, the drink that could drown a small child), even bigger than Kanye West's ego. Ya, it's pretty big. The internet doesn't mess around. But as the saying goes, the bigger they are, the bigger the earthquake is when they fall. Or something like that.

Of corse people have to run this massive mass of porn, memes, retards, and the complete collection of human knowledge known as Wikipedia. Who are the true rulers you ask? Some people would say that anon, or even the race known as "trolls" control it, but they would be wrong [we just manage it]. Through much research (and by research, I mean looking at lots and lots of funny pictures of cats speaking really horrible English) I realized that the true rulers consisted of only 4 men:

Al Gore
Bill Gates
Christopher Poole
“The Encoder”

Why these four? Back in the year 2000, the internet was born in a blinding flash out of a small garage owned by one of these men, a man called "Gore." He knew he could not contain all of the power by himself, so he split it up with three of his closest buddies. Mr. Gates, the most well know of the four, was put in charge of the upkeep, and to gain money for this he was allowed to sell pieces of glitchy software for exorbitant prices, which he continues today, also under the alias of "Steve Jobs."

Sir Christopher Poole is probably better known by his moniker, Moot of 4chan.  He was of course put in charge of the darker side of the internet which would inevitably spring up, and by pure chance, grow to envelop almost all of the internet.  Later anon would come to his aid to futher back him up.

The last ruler, know only as "The Encoder" is very mysterious.  Very little is know about him.  Few even know of his existence, but there are clues out there, including one very interesting captcha.  We can only guess he makes the rules here, as shown by these. 

Each of these men have one of these, as I like to call it an "internet switch."
With this, they can control their individual sectors, but if they were ever to get together and activate all four of them simultaneously, well, we can only imagine what happens then.

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