It Came from Yotube

I've been really busy lately.  Not with school work, nor with a job.  I've been busy playing with more blocks.  Yes, Minecraft has completely taken over my life.  Now I don't normally post Minecraft videos, since there's like, 7 billion of them on youtube anyways.  However, this one make me laugh in a sort of portal/300 sort of way.  You will understand why.

The Cake is a Lie, and yes, the arrows will block out the sun.  Let them eat cake in the shade.  I don't think I could fit anymore memes in here.  That's right, Marie Antoinette is now a meme.  Get over it.  I might upload a video of my minecraft world sometimes for a video blog.

Another game I would like to play (but would never be able to because it doesn't exist)  is "Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover Text Adventure."  His claws are sharp, but his heart is made of gold.  Or Cigarettes.  If only I lived near this game store so I could buy this one and only copy.

I hope he uses that money he got from the game to buy a new camera. But I think he probably paid more for the pack of cigarettes than they gave him for the game. Smokes are expensive, man.

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