4chan Friday

4chan Friday. Because any other day wouldn't create an alliteration. Besides, 4chan Wednesday would take to long to write.

Tonight, /e/ and /r/ lose whatever mysteriousness they had, because obviously they hold something other than what the title suggests (not).

I thought I would work on finishing off the "Adults Only" section, because I tend to get distracted while browsing them, case in point me posting this at 1am (it isn't even Friday anymore.) /e/ or Ecchi would be one of these.

Ecchi is the Japanese catch-all word for any pornographic, including perverts. Gee, I wonder what type of people go here [don't answer that]. This board is kind of like /h/, except with more of a soft core feel.  It's more of eye candy rather than sex, with some self-censoring.  It's similar to what I explained in my Fan-service post.  In most anime, any real money shots get covered up by random pieces of clothing, arms and legs, surprisingly murky water,  random items in the foreground flying through the air, or whatever the animators dream up.

Even tails.  And what a nice piece of tail it is...
/r/ is the request board.  What people are requesting on 4chan is beyond me, but I can probably guess whatever they get in return isn't what they wanted.  Unless you really were searching for some big hairy guy to come violate you.  But then again you might just be asking a simple question. 
Herp derp i wuznt paying attention when this show was on it was like some fighting and this blue guy nyone know the name of it?
Isn't this the kind of shit Google is for?  But since you can get banned for requesting on other boards, I guess  it can be useful.  There is even incentive for posting accurate information, and this is boobs.  You can even post them to open and to bump as well.  Don't let me stop you.

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  1. Anonymous March 1, 2011 at 10:35 PM
    Is that from an anime? If I may ask
  2. Punk1119 March 1, 2011 at 11:26 PM
    I wouldn't know, I just found it on the board. Go ask for sauce maybe. Hopefully you don't get raged at.

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