4chan Friday

Today, I told myself "Self, today is 4chan Friday, so I'm gonna be sure to write something extra funny."  But now that it's past midnight making it Saturday, I guess you'll have to deal with the regular B.S. I throw at you.  But I am doing /3/ and /rs/, so cheer up! 

No, /3/ isn't another chan.  After visiting 7chan, I don't think I could bear to leave the safety of my home.  /3/ actually stands for 3DCG.  Great, another acronym to further confuse me.  Although I think it does actually stand for 3d computer grapics.  Or 3 dudes cutting grass.  I'm not entirely sure though.  There are a lot of 3d looking pictures though.

You ever wonder how they get realistic looking models into video games and stuff?  They skin a person, and then lay it out flat, then take a picture of it.

This... really creeps me out.
Then you can wrap it around a human-head shaped 3d wireframe and create the model.  That or they just take a bunch of pictures from different angles and stitch them together.  That probably works better, in a much less manslaughter sort of way.

/rs/ stands for Rapidshares, aka the quickest way to spread viruses, porn, and pirated versions of software.  Unlike torrenting, you don't even have to download any other software to get it.  Which means only downloading from your browser, which pretty much sucks.  But then again, you will have less of a paper trail of sorts when downloading pronz and warez.  When the feds (or your mom) shows up at your door, you don't have to clear your uTorrent stats, you just have to delete the illegal shit and plead the 5th, whatever that is.

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