Bein' Hip Ain't Easy

I've recently noticed that my hipster transformation as promised in past posts isn't as easy as it seemed.

At the same time as trying to be a hipster, I'm going through college and trying to find a job.  Let me tell you this, not many employers want to hire (or even look at) someone dressed in bright colors, tight jeans, and with an unshaven look.  Not that any self respecting hipster would want a job in the mainstream that pays in cash rather than vinyl records, but then again most self respecting hipsters don't have mainstream needs that require money to fulfill.  I can't buy everything at a thrift store, after all. 

I actually don't have cable, which is sort of like not having TV, in a weird, static-y way.

This is why I've created an alter-ego.  I call him Spiffy McNifty.  Basically, take any outfit, then Bam! add a blazer on top of it.  Yes, my $7 blazer that I just so happened to buy at a thrift store.  It actually looks really nice, thus giving me the look of an upstanding, hard-working individual.  I can even keep my beard, if you can call it that.  It kind of looks like I glued pubes to my chin, but only if you get up close. (It's not my fault that it takes me a week to get a 5o'clock shadow. )   I just keep people away by telling them that I don't want their greasy fingers to mess up the blazer.

I'll probably shave one day when I actually get an interview.  Then I probably will end up having to give up my hipster days, short as they were.  Oh well, it was getting too mainstream for me anyways. 

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  1. Anonymouse February 3, 2011 at 9:18 AM
    people can't handle the ruggedness of the beard.

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