Man Butt

So I was trying to think up good stuff to add to a post for tonight, but as I wracked my brains the only thing that I could think about was something totally unrelated; Man Butt.  OK, it's a lot less gay than it sounds.

My friend and I like to play a lot of RPG's, and while we both like to try new things, there is one thing that he will rarely do: make a female character.  Sure, a female warrior with little skinny arms looks horribly fit to carry around a massive physics defying sword of evil-smashing, but spell casters in skimpy outfits more than make up for that.  Fighting in the snow wearing nothing but lingerie totally makes sense.

I totally like making female characters.  My take on it is that if you're going to be staring at a character's butt from a 3rd person view for hours at a time, it might as well be good looking.  Not some big fat man butt.  Yes, I'm sure you could use it to smash some unsuspecting enemy's head, but seeing it twitch and bulge with veins during the process would probably make me want to hit the delete button.

Mundo goes whe... whoa man, that's nasty.
Yes, I bet RPG time with your muscle-bound bros, complete with drooling contests and steroid injecting, is a great bonding experience, but will it get you as much money as dancing in town square with your armor off?  I didn't think so.  Now then, that will be two silver.

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