I take pride in having pretty things (no boobs this time) to look at while I'm sitting around on my computer for hours at a time. That's why I save a lot of wallpapers. But that would just be boring. That's why Rainmeter is here.  It's basically the Windows gadgets on crack, with tons of variety, showing you basically whatever you want.  Before I get to that though, let's take a look at my setup.

I even cleaned up my desk for you guys.
Some of you already know about my dual screen set up.  My main monitor is 1600x900, nice and big, with built in speakers.  The left one is basically my old crappy CRT (1152x864) that used to be my main monitor, used for music, Skype, other random windows, as well as holding crap like my Pedo Bear paper craft on top.  Yes, it just barely fits up there in that dock where my printer should be (it's on top of the desk now).

Despite the size differences, I was able to line them up perfectly by propping up the LCD and taking the stand off the CTR.  Yes, that book is Harry Potter.  Other stuff on my desk; my headset being held together by duct tape, CD's that I never use in my CD rack, as well as my cellphone/wallet/keys.  My Keyboard and mouse are on a slide out underneath that, but they're pretty boring.

Moving onto my desktop. I use a combination of John's Background Switcher and the above mentioned Rainmeter to make everything pretty.  I currently have four set-ups that I use, each with a Rainmeter theme, and a set of pictures that cycle through two at a time.  The one above would be my Hatsune Miku theme.
It's my newest one (and current favorite) but I change them up every so often to keep things fresh.

My basic single screen theme is a catch all for most of my general wallpapers, which is a lot of them.

My pride and joy is my dual-screen collection, which takes a bit of tweaking to get right, but it creates a really cool final product.  The fourth is an Evangelion theme which I am currently working on.

My Rainmeter gadgets usually include a clock for time and date, a network meter, cpu and ram meter, and music so I don't have to minimize or open up stuff to change songs.  I like to keep my desktop nice and clean with few icons so I can appreciate the wallpapers better.  The only bad thing is that I found that I couldn't survive without the taskbar, but for the most part it's discreet.

Because the backgrounds are constantly changing, I like to have gadgets with high contrast, so I can always see them well. You might notice I have some redundant gadgets working at the same time on both screens, which is nice so I can always know what's going on no matter what I have up. 

If you're interested in learning more Rainmeter, be sure to click the link above, and then download it and try it out yourself.  As for different gadgets (and wallpapers), deviant art is a great place to look and download from.  If you have any more questions about my setup or my wallpapers, email me or leave a comment!  

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  1. Anonymouse February 6, 2011 at 11:08 AM
    some cool tips, i may have to look into rainmeter.

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