Facebook is probably one of the worst time wasters for me, almost as bad as Minecraft.  I never really post though, that would probably lead me into social interactions, which would probably be awkward.  I just kind of scroll down though the news, seeing what people are doing, what people are still alive, what people may have died, who broke up or who hooked up with who, or what people like.

The last bit seems the most mundane, but people seem to like the wierdest things (like mushrooms, which I still remain firm on, no matter what people say.)

"That Awkward moment when..."
Wait, you like awkward moments?   Sure, you could be an exhibitionist troll, but if you suddenly get giddy when the conversation suddenly drops, you need some help.  Unless you're talking to someone you don't want to.  Then you can run out of there at full speed. 

Whats worse is the fact that you can like people's posts about them doing boring shit during their day. 
"I just took the hugest poop"
"I just broke up with my girlfriend."

Trolling quota for the day: completed.  Now, if they only had a dislike button.

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  1. Erika March 27, 2011 at 9:36 AM
    Facebook is the worst thing ever. People are so attached to it, it's pathetic.

    Please tell me you're not that pathetic! You would crush my every sexy image of you.... Also, I'm requesting more topless pics of you. Your body is hawt.

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