Thirst Quencher

I got thirsty again. Really thirsty. It was also raining.

The Troll Cave Video Blog: now with less violence and more fanservice.  I know all my fan girls will be having a nerd-gasm out there.

You know a funny thing about salt, it causes you to retain water. I probably weigh a couple of extra pounds now because of it. And now I have this:

Prepare for sunflower seed binge.
Which is why we didn't add anything like Propel because of the extra salt.  Also it's not real water.  It's more like sugar water, much like McDonald's Iced Tea.  And we didn't want to buy anything.  Yes, this movie's budget was zero.  Well, except for my water bill...

2 Response to "Thirst Quencher"

  1. Hedeon March 20, 2011 at 3:37 AM
    So what shenanigans are you going to be up to in your next video blog Mr. Troll?
  2. Erika March 20, 2011 at 6:30 AM
    Oh, I love it when you get topless......

    I also subscribed to your YouTube channel.
    I just posted up a new video on mine if you get a chance to check it out?

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