One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Unless it's so trashy that you just want it gone.  If you have to pay someone just to get rid of it, it pretty much means that it's beyond all hope.  (Until you see the person who took it selling for twice the price.)

When I'm not on Craigslist looking for casual sex... err platonic meet ups, I take a look at the "free stuff" section to see what potential treasures are out there.  Sadly, most of it is trash, but not just any trash.  Oh no.  I think the best way to describe some of this is "where did you get this, why do you still have it, and what do you want me to do with it?"

It says it's new, but that brings about two possible questions; one, where would you get one sans-chair, or better yet, why would you destroy a new chair just to get the recliner mechanism that you would later give away?

This next one makes me wonder:

What the hell is a homie?  I know that most people on craigslist have absolutely horrible spelling, but I really can't think of anything that would even make sense for a correct spelling.  I know I'm a cheapo sometimes, but I wouldn't go as far as selling my friends just to make a quick buck. 

Along with something like underwear, one thing I would never consider selling or buying used is a toilet (or 2).
"in tackt"
Yes, thank you for the pictures, because I have no idea what a toilet looks like.  But then again, if you are buying them, you might not have any in the first place to compare to.  I hate going to the bathroom in public, or even in other people's houses, but I would be wary even using one of these in my own house.  I mean, they didn't even clean them!  Once your butt touches something, you pretty much claim ownership of it.

More to come!

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