I'm beginning to think that I have a strange ability for deduction. Not quite Sherlock Holmes, but it's pretty good. For instance, talking on Skype with my friend, I heard the faint sound of a can opening. Knowing his parents were having a party, along with their drink preferences, I quickly said "How's that coke?" After making sure his webcam was unplugged, he asked me suspiciously how I knew.  Long story short, brix were shat.  Slowly though, I think this ability is leaking into the electronics.

I often turn on shuffle when I'm bored of listening to one song over and over, but some of these times I think my Ipod will pick, out of over 700 songs, the perfect one just right for the current situation I'm in. For instance,  had Jury Duty a couple of months ago (which I wanted to Troll the hell out of, but didn't for fear of being locked up; can't blog from prison.) and during the long-ass breaks, I would listen to my Ipod. We were asked to stay Impartial, but after "Testify" by Rage Against the Machine and "Justice in Murder" by Coheed and Cambria started playing, I kind of forgot about the whole impartiality part.

Damn you Apple!
Today I ended up going snowboarding, and what would you know, it did it again.  Just to name a few:
Winter- B-Complex
Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chili Peppers
So Cold- Breaking Benjamin.

Somehow, during my weight training class, this even happens too, though walking on the treadmill to the beat of Daft Punk is pretty awesome.

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  1. One Hot Minute March 6, 2011 at 10:22 PM
    Hey there, you have a real knack for this blogging business. You should teach me the ways of making my page flashy and oh so customized like your own. Also, I liked your Hyperbole and a Half.

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