4chan Friday

Today is Friday, and since I didn't spend my day trying to figure out which seat to pick, I was able to just be lazy the whole day and browse 4chan. This is what I found.

/sci/ Stands for Math & Science, basically everything that pretty much makes no sense to me. Math has lots of numbers and stuff, which I really don't like. I know the entirety of Hiragana and Katakana by heart, but I really don't know shit about deriving or anything. It's all Greek to me. Until I actually go out and learn Greek, at which point it's something else. Probably Klingon.

Don't even get me started on Science. The only thing I know about science is the fact that it works a lot better than religion.

Torrents, or /t/ is the best way to get anything.  Porn, free software and games, viruses, you name it.   Except on 4chan.  Sadly, one rule of /t/ in no warez, in other words software. That’s right, no pirates here. You’re better off heading over to a certain site that might get me into some trouble if I mentioned it, but I assure you it's on the high seas.  However, what this means that it is actually one of the safer boards to be on, being that you won’t be getting any surprise visits from the FBI.  And now that I have a ton of red-flags here in my post, it's time to set up the tinfoil. 

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  1. Anonymous March 26, 2011 at 11:48 AM
    Don't forget your tin foil hat. It will protect you from their mind scanning rays!

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