Alien Sharks

So I was rolling this idea around in my head for a movie script for a while. I can assure you it will be among the great movies of our generation, like "Ice Spiders" and "Yoyo Cop Girl."

So the movie starts, and there's like all these scientists on Mars, shitting themselves cause they found fresh water and stuff. (It was hiding behind a rock the whole time).

So then Dwayne Johnson comes in, because when you cast The Rock, you know there's either going to be shit going down, or lots of little kids.  And there's no kids on Mars.  So they're all drilling through the surface into this big underground cave full of water, when all of a sudden, they see these fins moving around the surface.

Instead of doing a precise, scientific probing of the area first, they send in the Space Helicopter to fly down right next to the water and look at it.  That's when all shit breaks lose.  You see, these sharks, they can jump abnormally high because of the weird gravity or something (still working on this part) and they like bite the chopper in half, causing it to explode and shit, which draws the rest of the space sharks into the area.
Don't worry, this was only filled with extras.
Moving along a bit, they find out that the space sharks are actually Nazi space sharks, after they find a remnant of the German Space program at the bottom of the underground lake while diving down in a submarine trying to plant a nuke.  However, a few of the sharks remain from that very first generation when the German space astronaut scientist dudes brought them over, and their lazer eyes blow up the nuke before everyone can escape.  This causes Mars to drop out of orbit towards the Earth. (Bum bum bum)

The Rock, who barely managed to escape, watches the planet as it falls towards Earth, and is forced to figure out a plan to save the day.  He suddenly realizes that he has the ability to talk to sharks, due to the Martian radiation, and uses this new found power to unify the sharks, and has them all swim out into space, pulling Mars back into its proper orbit, and saving the Earth.

Now give me my 50 million dollars.

3 Response to "Alien Sharks"

  1. ryan March 17, 2011 at 9:34 AM
    but you have to make sure Michael Bay is the producer/director. ^-^
  2. Erika March 17, 2011 at 12:24 PM
    OMG I would let someone shit in my mouth for a chance to be in that movie!!

    I... I.... I think I'm in love with you.... *shyface.jpg*


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